Dear Brothers and Sisters,

The last few months have seen a positive change in our relationship with the new HR manager, and I will be working alongside your Standing Committee to foster and expand that where ever we can.  As we all know being in an arbitration war to protect the Collective Agreement is a very costly endeavor both in terms of resources but most importantly in energy, your executive has had to endure all of this negative energy for far too long.

We will know shortly if this change is a lasting one or if it’s one step forward two steps back AGAIN.

I know everyone is concerned about the upcoming bargain and the enviable stress that puts on everyone, all I can say is this is always the case. Despite the difficult relationship we have had with this employer over the last number of years there does appear to be a desire to change with the new General Manager and H/R manager. Only time will tell and as always your Wage Delegates urge you and caution you to be prepared as possible. Your Wage Delegates will be working on our local agenda. There’s no question this round of bargaining will have its challenges, but I have no doubt our Wage Delegates will find a way to get it done as we have in the past.

This spring also brings us a wonderful opportunity to take back our Province as there will be a Provincial election on May the 9th, you will hear much more from your Political Action committee on what Christy Clarks government has been doing and NOT doing. There are real choices for us in this election and we don’t have to settle for the same old failed policy’s and spin about how well we are doing with the debt and jobs.  Despite what you hear from the main stream media that everything is Rosy in BC, the facts just don’t line up without good paying full time jobs that British Columbians need to raise families.

I have been pushing for a Good Jobs Forest Summit for years to revitalize our industry and here’s the difference between the Liberals and the NDP. When I met with the Forest Minister I was told if I wanted to keep mills like ours alive we should look at sites like Harmac “they went bankrupt and took huge cuts that’s what you need to do”. When I met with the NDP leader John Horgan he really, really liked the idea of a Good Jobs Summit to revitalize the Forest Industry in BC, and wanted more information, he added that the forest industry has been allowed to die a slow death because there’s no leadership in Victoria, I couldn’t agree more. It’s time for action not SPIN, it’s time for real change and if you agree then you need to be involved, you need to volunteer, you need to donate.

Nicholas Simons and the NDP need your support now, the BC liberals have a huge war chest filled with cash from their corporate friends (like PE), the Liberals are dumping money into this riding already. It appears they think this riding can be bought and paid for with corporate cash, and if you don’t want that to happen you need to donate, and remember you will get back 75% of the first $400. This will be the best present you could buy your friends and family this year, and you will get most of it back in a few months just go to your web site there’s a NDP link you can go to.

In Solidarity   

Don Rheaume

Unifor Local 1119 President

Don Rheaume